Increasing Funding for Science

By forming a union, we will be joining the growing number of scientists in the labor movement and strengthen our power to advocate for increased federal science funding. Besides increased funding, many fellows feel strongly about science-based policy, such as slowing climate change and mitigating its harm, and expanding access to and affordability of healthcare.

UAW academic workers led a campaign to increase research funding due to COVID-19, including funding to help early career scientists weather the pandemic. Climate scientists and public health researchers in UAW have played a large role in building ties between the environmental movement and the labor movement.

UAW academic workers have helped elect pro-science, pro-worker candidates to congress. Many NIH fellows live in or near electorally strategic districts where we can help elect more. UAW academic workers regularly meet with legislators to educate them on issues important to scientists and advocate for science-based policy.

A UAW member advocates for NIH funding

UAW members at the March for Science in Los Angeles

UAW members from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and UC Berkeley meet with the office of Rep. Barbara Lee to discuss science funding