We are the largest union of federal employees to form in more than a decade, and the first union of Fellows ever at a federal research facility. We’ve made history together!

What next?

We know that we are stronger together and want to begin preparations to start negotiating with the NIH for improvements to our working conditions. 

We will begin the democratic process of electing a bargaining committee of Fellows to then survey everyone on what our bargaining priorities will be. We have built the power necessary to bargain as equals with NIH management.

“If we want reasonable compensation and working hours, and a more supportive and equitable work environment, we need to have our voices heard in the meetings that make the policies that directly affect us.”

- Maryam Vaziri-Pashkam, NIMH

“Fellows deserve an equal say in all aspects of our work which can only happen through the collective action of a union. The NIH sets the standards for great research, so let’s work together to set better standards for labor too.”

- Nicholas Zolnerowich, NCI

“I support a union to help democratically define our ideal work environment in a bottom-up fashion, be they issues of compensation, child-care, immigration, or the myriad of issues that keep us from our science.”

- Vishaka Gopalan, NCI

“We deserve a voice in what our working conditions should be, and I believe that collective action will help us achieve better worker protections and will improve the experience of all NIH fellows in the future.”

- Corinne Marble, NIDA