NIH Fellows United is composed of fellows at the NIH who are coming together to form a union in order to improve our working conditions and careers.

Fellows are the driving force of the groundbreaking research being done at the NIH, but we lack enforceable rights in our workplace.

Not only do we aim to improve our working conditions, we are joining the growing movement of unionized scientists advocating for increased research funding, fair visa and immigration policies, better science careers, and a society where the advances in health sciences we discover are shared equally by all.

We have seen the collective power of other organized scientists and are excited to join the growing research labor movement. We are joining the more than 80,000 research and academic workers who are organized with UAW, you can read about what other unions of academics and researchers in UAW have accomplished here.

The first step to forming our union is for a majority of fellows to sign authorization cards. If you haven’t had a chance to sign yet, have questions, or want to get involved in forming our union, contact us:

“I support NIH Fellows United because fellows deserve better compensation and more consistent hours. And we have the best shot at getting the working conditions that all of us deserve when we act collectively.”

- Jacob Zionts, Clinical Center

“We deserve a say in our working conditions, work environment, and to have a healthy work life balance. Creating a union gives us the ability to make positive, lasting changes that will improve science professions nation-wide.”

- Kyla Roland, NICHD

“I support forming an NIH fellows union to fight for better working conditions (such as reasonable hours, compensation, benefits) and improve the lives of fellows. NIH works because we do.”

- Marjorie Levinstein, NIDA

“While junior trainees are an essential part of the academic research enterprise, our voices often go unheard. Collective action ensures that we have the bargaining power to advocate for real change.”

- Kyle Patch, Clinical Center