Bargaining Team

Ian Fucci

CRTA Postdoc, NCI, Frederick (he/him)

I’m a structural biologist with an interest in protein dynamics, or how the wiggling and jiggling of atoms within a protein affect its function. I am particularly interested in so-called “slow” motions which dictate catalysis and molecular recognition. Outside of the lab I like to play video games and tabletop RPGs, read non-fiction, garden, and chase my 3 year old daughter.

Tara Fischer

Research Fellow, NINDS, Bethesda (she/her)

My research focuses on discovering the molecular mechanisms underlying how cells sense and respond to damage, and how defects in these processes contribute to inflammation and neurodegeneration. I am specifically interested in how damage or stress sensed at organelle membranes is repaired, eliminated, or sends signals to the immune system to protect tissue health. Ask me about cell and membrane biology, microscopes, ubiquitin, philosophy, labor, bikes, coffee beans, and all genres of music.

Zohirul Islam

Visiting Fellow, NIAID, Bethesda (he/him)

I am interested in understanding how RNA fate determines cell fate. To that end, I am focusing on RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) and how perturbing them leads to an aberrant innate immune response. My current research investigates the molecular mechanism responsible for turning on Interferon-stimulated genes (ISGs) in a cell-autonomous fashion. Outside the lab, I love spending time with my two wonderful kids. Besides, I love watching sports (soccer, cricket), movies, and traveling.

Rosa Lafer-Sousa

IRTA Postdoc, NIMH, Bethesda (she/her)

My predoctoral work aimed to shed light on the functional architecture of the primate visual system and establish links between neural activity, perception, and behavior, with a focus on color as a model system. I am currently investigating the causal role of mid and high-level visual regions in perception and behavior using optogenetics and electrophysiology in macaques. Outside of work I enjoy doing comedy, making visual illusions, and spending time in the ocean.

Alexander “Jordan” Lara

IRTA Postbac, NIDCR, Bethesda (he/him)

I am very passionate about glycoproteomics and elucidating how specific sites of glycans (sugars) modulate biological activity of proteins. My lab uses mass spectrometry to localize sites of mucin type O-glycans or N-Acetylgalactosamine (O-GalNAc). My current project is focused on localizing the sites of mucin 10 (MUC10), a mucin  known to aggregate and clear pathogenic bacteria from the oral cavity. The long term goal of this project is to relate how these sites of O-GalNAc is modulating it biological function. Outside of being a scientist and a labor organizer, I love to dance, play volleyball, talk current events and reach semi-professional levels in Team Fight Tactics.

Marjorie Levinstein

IRTA Postdoc, NIDA, Baltimore (she/her)

My research focuses on enantiomer-specific abuse and addiction liability, and in vitro and in vivo pharmacology of novel therapeutics. I am interested in understanding the differential effects of stereoisomers on receptor binding and behavior, and how these effects may be leveraged to develop more effective and targeted treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders. Outside of lab, I crochet, garden on my roof, and root for the oft-losing Cubs (and less-losing Orioles).

Amilcar Rodriguez

IRTA Predoc, NIEHS, Research Triangle Park North Carolina (he/him)

impact that diet may have on the gut-microbiome and Parkinson’s Disease, in particular how the adaptive immune system might be instigated to develop an autoimmune-disorder-like response to dopaminergic neurons. To study this, I borrow methods from the intersection of genetics, immunology, and neurobiology to explore a whole-systems approach using a genetic PD-mouse model. When I’m not in the lab, I spend time with my wonderful teen-daughter, or I can be found running cross-country on some trail.

Emilya Ventriglia

IRTA Predoc, NIMH, Bethesda | (she/her)

I study the opioidergic system in the context of mood and sensory processing disorders. My work aims to bridge a molecular-to-network systems understanding of ketamine’s rapid-acting antidepressant and psychotomimetic effects through patch electrophysiology and 2p calcium imaging in behaving animals. Outside of work, I climb, read, and go where the music is.